A former intelligence analyst with the United States Marine Corps has revealed how a jellyfish UFO terrorized military personnel for years in Iraq.

Video emerged this week showing what looked  looked like a craft with dangling appendages gliding invisibly over the secure facility, where it could only be seen on infra-red cameras.

It joins years of new military UFO cases including giant red cube-shaped UFOs, zipping Tic Tacs, and allegations made under oath about secret and illegal UFO crash retrieval and reverse-engineering programs.

'It kind of just ended up being like the ghost story of the base,' Michael Concoski, then stationed at a base in Iraq, told cable channel News Nation last evening. 

'It didn't seem to be posturing to threaten us at all,' Cincoski said, but added that the base was not taking any chances during this highly unusual nighttime encounter.

And, today, Cincoski revealed that he has heard from a fellow Marine 'team member' who saw 'multiple recordings of the 'Jellyfish UAP' with different durations' in Iraq.

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