Daniel Fry in The White Sands Incident describes an encounter he had with an ET from Lemuria named Alan around the year 1950. Alan let Dnaiel fly in an unmanned drone spacecraft that could go much faster than any aircraft. Alan described many things to him: the velocity of the spacecraft, transparent aluminum, his origins in Lemuria, and how the technology he was flying in worked. Alan claimed that a giant central ring turned the entire spacecraft into a giant electromagnet. This was done by two force rings on either pole of the craft.

The principles of electromagnetic levitation are well known and used in maglev trains and dumps to pick up metal. However, as of yet, it has never been used in spacecraft. While the method is well known the details for implementing this are less known. In addition, Alan suggested a certain alignment of the magnetic fields could propel the craft. I’m not sure if this is possible; I don’t have an extensive physics background, only a basic engineering one however it seems possible. GPT verifies that the physics of using two EM fields to propel against another is valid although it cautions that the energy requirements would be enormous, how enormous?

 I don't have a physics background either, but I know enough to believe that's not how they're doing it. The important thing is that they're obviously doing it. The Big Question is, exactly how are they doing it?

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