An expert says "thousands" of Bigfoot sightings are "still impossible to explain away" despite boffins identifying the hairy beast they think is responsible for them.

A recent study published in the Journal of Zoology looked at whether there could be an explanation as to why some areas tend to have more Bigfoot sightings than others.

Study author Floe Foxon, founder of the Folk Zoology Society, wrote: "It has been suggested that the American black bear (Ursus americanus) may be responsible for a significant number of purported sightings of an alleged unknown species of hominid in North America." There are thought to be around 800,000 black bears across North America.

Foxon's study modelled Bigfoot sightings and bear populations in each US state and Canadian province by adjusting for human population and forest area. It found Bigfoot sightings are "statistically significantly associated with bear populations".

She wrote: "As black bear populations increase, Sasquatch sightings are expected to increase. On average, across all states and provinces in 2006, after controlling for human population and forest area, there were approximately 5,000 bears per sasquatch sighting.

"She" and her so-called "study" are full of bear shit.

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