The U.S. Department of Defense’s proven lack of a coordinated UAP (f.k.a. as UFO) response strategy is a possible “threat” to national security, officials said this month.

Last week, Robert Storch, the DoD’s current Inspector General, spoke out about the release of an “unclassified summary” of a prior classified report detailing the department’s responses to ongoing UAP concerns. Namely, the report took a look at how the DoD and related agencies had moved to collect and investigate data on this issue, which has remained a hot-button topic in recent years thanks to the release of confirmed UAP footage and subsequent hearings.

“Given the significant public interest in how the DoD is addressing UAPs, we are releasing this unclassified summary to be as transparent as possible with the American people about our oversight work on this important issue," Storch said on Thursday.

The unclassified summary, available here, notes that the DoD “does not have a comprehensive, coordinated approach to address UAP.” This determination was made after a review of the department’s various procedures when it comes to responding to UAP issues. 

Here's how it's worded in the report:

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