A pair of filmmakers documenting a new set of “alien mummies” found in Peru claim the bizarre three-fingered figures are the genuine article containing unique DNA — as they fight back against scientists who say the specimens are clearly dolls made for tourists.

Filmmakers Serena DC and Michael Mazzola told The US Sun that they are documenting two mummified aliens that are different from the ones found in Peru that made headlines last year, with the pair aiming to present their “incredible” evidence at a news conference in West Hollywood, Calif., on March 12.

Sharing new images of the 4-foot-tall figures, the duo claimed X-rays and examinations show that their subjects are not fake, and while they might not be extraterrestrials, they could be evidence of a new species affected by “genetic manipulation.” “

There’s a big story that has huge implications that could really just change the humanity story,” Serena told the outlet. “It’s akin to finding Jesus’ shroud or the Ark of the Covenant.”

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