The Pentagon has released a 63-page, unclassified report to the public, concluding that it had found no evidence of extraterrestrials, let alone the secret reverse-engineering of recovered alien technology by the US government, in its investigation of UFO sightings.

It's yet another wet blanket being thrown on recent conspiratorial and increasingly far-fetched claims.

The Pentagon's All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) "found no verifiable evidence that any UAP sighting has represented extraterrestrial activity," the office's acting director Tim Phillips told reporters, as quoted by ABC News.

"AARO has found no verifiable evidence that the US government or private industry has ever had access to extraterrestrial technology" or ever "illegally or inappropriately withheld" information from Congress.

This is a predictable and bald faced lie. The dutiful and uncritical mainstream media parroting is simply more evidence that Operation Mockingbird is still fully in effect.

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