Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are taking up a lot of space in the political arena, with a group of senators recently alleging the existence of a longstanding program that retrieves and reverse engineers “nonhuman” technology.

NewsNation’s extensive reporting on UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) spurred congressional action, starting with an exclusive interview with retired Maj. David Grusch — a U.S. Air Force Veteran and UFO whistleblower — in June 2023 where he alleged the U.S. possesses “quite a number” of “nonhuman” vehicles.

Since then, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., lawmakers introduced provisions to look into this clandestine program and establish a government-wide UAP records collection. The latter was ultimately signed into law by President Joe Biden last December as part of the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act.

“Some of the most high-profile names in recent Senate history were involved in this effort,” Marik Von Rennenkampff, a former analyst at the Departments of State and Defense, told NewsNation. “They are cautious politicians. They would not just put out 64 pages of legislation that mentions nonhuman intelligence. There it is, in black and white.”

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