Bigfoot believers have slammed a man who revealed he wants to hunt and kill the alleged beast because it's been "terrorising" him and his family.

Only identified at Mark, the bloke said he had experienced several eerie encounters with what he believes is a Sasquatch outside of his family home.

He claimed the elusive creature hung around his porch going through the trash, peeped through windows of the home in broad daylight and even killed their pet bulldog.There's lots of quality news coming out of the US.

Mark, living in a small town in Alabama, revealed the incidents began in May 2015 with the alleged beast chasing one of his family members. In June "it was seen looking into a family member's window in broad daylight" and in July went on to "kill the family pet".

A few 220 grain, .300 Winmag rounds would take care of that problem.

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