The Nazca "alien mummies" are set to undergo tests in an attempt to prove their authenticity.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Jaime Maussan claims that the tiny "non-humans" from Peru are proof of extraterrestrial life as he vows to solve their mystery.

The possibility that the mummies are alien-human "hybrids" has been raised by Maussan, whose controversial research has been causing debate for almost ten years.

His scientific colleagues have also declared that the new specimens include "30 percent unknown" DNA.

Critics, however, still question his claims.

The alleged aliens were stumbled upon by shocked explorers and caused mass speculation over where they came from.

Maussan made headlines last year when he presented two mummies discovered in Palpa and Nazca, Peru to the Mexican Government.

The journalist and researcher has now said that more in-depth "analyses are being done" as he is locked in a legal battle with Peru to ship the "mummies" to more advanced labs in the US.

He told "The lawsuit is already in for $300 million.

"We are going to negotiate with Peru to be allowed to export the samples to be done in America."

That might a big mistake.

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