In a rapid-fire exchange with an American lawmaker, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm has made an important admission about the unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

When Representative Anna Paulina Luna asked if the Department of Energy (DoE) had engaged federal counter-terrorism personnel in investigating UFOs around nuclear facilities, Granholm first appeared to avoid answering it. When Luna repeated the question, Granholm admitted the DoE had engaged US military’s special forces division.

“Does the DOE work with JSOC in order to handle security measures?” asked Luna.

“We work with all of the security entities around the federal government. We are part of an overall all-government effort on both cyber as well as national security,” said Granholm in her reply, avoiding a direct answer to the question.

Luna further pressed Granholm. She asked, “Do you guys work with JSOC? Yes or no.”

“Yes, we do,” replied Granholm.

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