A group of terrified teenagers have been rescued after an encounter with a 'glowing-eyed and growling Bigfoot' in a Louisiana forest.

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Deputies said the recent high school graduates from Houma called in distress while deep within Kisatchie National Forest late last week.

The teenagers, aged 17 to 18, recounted a chilling encounter with what the group described as a creature resembling 'Bigfoot' with glowing eyes, according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office (NPSO).

The group had reportedly ventured approximately 1.5 miles down Back Bone Trail in southern Natchitoches Parish to camp out after their graduation festivities.

One of the teens who was panicked by a growling sound and a mysterious figure standing about 5 feet tall with glowing eyes called emergency services for rescue.

It was just a Bigfoot teen wanting to hang out with them. ;-)

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