The internet is awash with videos appearing to show UFOs flying near high-speed planes, warheads and even nuclear reactors - and experts have an alarming theory for why these locations are being targeted.

In 1976, British Airways aired an ad for their Concorde flight in which an orb-like UFO darts toward the aircraft at an incredibly high speed, seemingly analyzes the plane and then accelerates away.

The unconfirmed UFO appearance - which has resurfaced on Reddit's UFOs subchannel, where alleged videos of craft are shared, debunked or given the upvote if they're deemed to be legitimate  - is one of many that shows the odd, almost inquisitive behavior of these unknown objects. 

In June 2022, at the Queen's Jubilee, the longest-serving royal monarch was honored by a cadre of nine fighter jets spewing streams of smoke in the Union Jack's red, white and blue colors — and one unidentified disc.

Despite it making the rounds on media, no clear answer has ever been provided as to what it was. 

Even more curious is the nearly dozen UFOs that appeared above Japan's Fukushima lab after its nuclear disaster in 2011. Witnesses told the Netflix docuseries, Encounters, that the UFOs saved them by lowering radioactivity levels.

Local outlets caught several glimmering white orbs above the plant — extremely similar to the previous instances — dipping into the lab before emerging again, in a sort of assembly line.

In pop culture, the History Channel show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch has features dozens upon dozens of similar UFOs over their five seasons, with many appearing after a rocket has been test-fired by their scientists into the air. 

There has been a litany of explain-away reasons for these various occurrences provided by skeptics, from bugs to balloons. But for researchers who have dedicated their lives to this phenomenon, there is much more to theses videos than on their face value.

The question emerges: are UFOs approaching high-speed aircraft because they are concerned they contain nuclear capability?

Experts in the field have already analyzed similar behavior as proof that whatever is up there is concerned about us, especially when it comes to the prospect of blowing ourselves up with nukes.

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